Friday, January 1, 2016

GLA Library Day at the Capitol Call for Volunteers

Each year, the Georgia Library Association presents our legislators with a Debi Davis print. A big thank you to Mumford Books, which generously sponsors this project.
This year, we'll be delivering one print for each elected official and small candy bag for each staff member on Tuesday, February 16th. It's another chance to talk libraries at the Gold Dome. There are two locations with offices: the Capitol and the Coverdell building across the street. In addition to the 236 representatives and senators, there are other officers in the Capitol (Secretary of State, Secretary of the Senate, the Governor's Office, etc.) who will also be getting prints. We need your help: 
Monday, February 15:
Creating the candy bags to give staff members. Each office has at least 1 staff member; some have more. We'll need at least 500 bags. The more the merrier! Drop by from 4-7 pm at the GPLS office at 1800 Century Place NE, Suite 150.
Tuesday, February 16:
We need a minimum of 4 people: 2 for the Coverdell building, one for the Capitol, and one to stay with the prints in the hallway. It would go a lot faster with 10 or 15 people! Meeting at 10:30 am at the Capitol.
If you'd like to volunteer for one (or both!) of these events please fill out this form:

If you have any questions contact Wendy Cornelisen, Governmental Relations Committee Chair at

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