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GOLD GALILEO Conference early-bird registration ends Aug 2 #ggconference

Early-bird discounted registration for GOLD GALILEO Conference ends at 5PM, Monday, Aug 2

Turn-On Your Passion for Resource Sharing!

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Toni Zimmerman
Director, Resource Sharing & Interlibrary Cooperation
Georgia Public Library Service
A Unit of the BOR Univ System of GA
1800 Century Place, Suite 150
Atlanta, GA 30345-4304

2010 Proposed amendments to the Constitution & Bylaws

The membership of GLA is to be notified 30 days prior to a business meeting of GLA. Proposed amendments to the GLA Constitution & Bylaws which will be discussed and brought to a vote at the GLA Business Meeting during Georgia COMO in Athens.

2010 Proposed amendments to the Constitution & Bylaws

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

For rural libraries, the GOLD/GALILEO Conference is like an approaching comet: It moves! #ggconference

Journal entry from a GOLD/GALILEO Users Group Advisory Committee Representative - Conference Musings - On behalf of small public libraries and rural communities - July 26, 2010 - Susan Stephens, Director, Chattooga County Library System, Summerville, GA

“It moves, nevertheless!”

I am not sure why this quote, attributed to Galileo Galilei, strikes such a chord with me or why it makes me think of libraries. I just know it does. Galileo is said to have whispered this after he was forced to recant his position on the earth’s movement around the sun. Perhaps it conjures up perceptions about my own rural county library system - its movement slow and steady, a stationary apparition amidst a whirling nebula of more showy activity. But if I had time-lapse photos of the library system, I could prove it moves.

I could show that users of the library have transformed themselves from a single dominant group whose families have lived in the region since before the Civil War to several multilevel and multicultural groups that include first generation immigrants from Asia, India, Central and South America, Europe and Africa. I could show that computer use has migrated from one barely used word processor to a whole area full of high speed computers with people waiting their turns to access the Internet, search for jobs, continue their education and stay in touch with families and friends around the world. I could show that people who have physically never traveled farther than 10 miles from the county line are traveling the cosmos through the resources offered by PINES, GALILEO, and GOLD. I could demonstrate without question that “it moves, nevertheless!”

The GOLD/GALILEO conference offers a constellation full of opportunities for librarians serving rural Georgia to get ideas on what exactly will make their libraries continue to move. We must remember that rural is not synonymous with insular, and those of us at rural libraries can bring world-class resources to those who will never get to see Atlanta, much less the other side of the world. We must advocate to ensure that rural communities are not undeserved just because their populations are smaller. We must commit ourselves to the knowledge that our library users are different but are never "less." So mark August 13 on your calendar, and see how your library and community can take its place among the stars and thrive in the 21st century.

Register now

To the future, GOLD and GALILEO!


Susan Stephens
Chattooga County Library System
360 Farrar Drive
Summerville, GA 30747
706-857-1806 (voice)
706-857-7841 (fax)

Toni Zimmerman
Director, Resource Sharing & Interlibrary Cooperation
Georgia Public Library Service
A Unit of the BOR Univ System of GA
1800 Century Place, Suite 150
Atlanta, GA 30345-4304

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Georgia Wednesday Webinar Series

The Georgia Library Association and Georgia Public Library Service are pleased to announce the August sessions of the Wednesday Webinar series, which highlights trends, innovation, and best practices in Georgia Libraries. The webinars feature Georgia speakers, but registration is open to anyone, anywhere. Topics are chosen to be of interest to employees of all library types, and each session is approved for one Georgia Continuing Education (CE) contact hour each.

Free Learning: Developing No Cost, Online Learning for Patrons and Staff
Presented by Jay Turner
  • Wednesday, August 18, 2010, 10:00am - 11:00am Eastern Time
  • Separate registration is required for each hour-long session.
Jay Turner, maverick Training Manager of the Gwinnett Public Library knows that keeping library staff current and up-to-date when valuable resources (time and money) are decreasing can be challenging but not impossible. He uses free and low cost authoring tools to create customized e-learning courses to meet his library's specific learning needs. Attend this webinar and learn how you, too, might use these tools to your library's advantage!

Tech Tips Training Series
Presented by Karen Douglas
  • Wednesday, August 18, 2010, 11:15am - 12:15pm Eastern Time
  • Separate registration is required for each hour-long session.
The "Tech Tips" series at the Athens-Clarke County Library was created in 2009 to provide public and staff training on current software, technology, and social media trends. "Tech Tips" sessions have included live, how-to demonstrations including Facebook, Adobe Photoshop, Skype, Twitter, Podcasting, YouTube, eBay, etc. as well as recorded sessions available for those unable to attend the face-to-face training sessions. Join Karen Douglas as she describes various aspects of this highly successful program.... including finding trainers, scheduling sessions, necessary equipment, advertising and creating a video recording of the session.You'll leave with an arsenal of tips for setting up your own version of "Tech Tips" in your library.

Please contact a member of the Wednesday Webinar planning team with questions or ideas:
Sarah Steiner, Georgia Library Association, PACE Chair,
Pat Carterette, Georgia Public Library Service,
Buffy Hamilton, Wednesday Webinars Steering Committee,

Shifting the e-revolution in libraries into hyperdrive!#ggconference

Journal entry from a GOLD/GALILEO Users Group Advisory Committee Representative - Conference Musings - On behalf of large public libraries - July 21, 2010 - Deborah Mack, Electronic Resources Librarian, Atlanta Fulton Public Library System, Atlanta, GA

Hello friends,
I'm writing to share a few orbital observations from a fellow procurer librarian.

A significant virtual audience exists outside the public library galaxy, and our goal is to tap into that base. Public Librarians are grappling with the needs of patrons who no longer physically visit the library. Figuring out the best mixture of formats — “downloadables,” CDs, DVDs, etc. — to acquire for this audience is no small feat. Sessions such as "Increasing your online magnitude...” will make for lively discussions on how to reach the virtual audience through Web site usability fundamentals. The if-you-build-it-they-will-come concept does not hold true here, with Google lurking on the faint outskirts of our galaxy. Hearing the collective voice of our patrons and gathering feedback from them is essential. Why fly to the moon and beyond only to miss the thrill of dancing among the stars?

Does growing-up mean we can't ever grow back down?

Public Librarians will also look forward to hearing nuggets from "When Generation Y Asks ‘Y Not,’” which promises vital insight on a sometimes misunderstood young audience that is dramatically influenced by Twitter, Facebook and other social networking tools. If the public library does not cooperate creatively with this group’s expectations, Generation Y may stop asking altogether, turning bright futures into black holes - devoid of critical thinking skills. We must not forget this generation of future stakeholders, and now is the time to shine a light on a segment of library users whose needs are sometimes as hazy as the Oort Cloud!

Is there a pay-off to heeding this field-of-dreams-type virtual voice?
I can't predict if large public libraries will experience a heaven-feels-just-like-Iowa euphony but one thing is for certain: This year’s GOLD/GALILEO Users Group Conference will help us (hyper)drive the e-revolution in libraries!

Why not beat the path of the earlybird and save some green by registering by August 2nd?

- Or -

Pull a believer's ease-his-pain response by contributing to our Resource Exchange!
Thrive GOLD and GALILEO! "Cent'anni" (A hundred years [of good health / luck]) (Italy) -- DB

Debora S. Mack
Electronic Resources Librarian
Atlanta Fulton Public Library System
One Margaret Mitchell Sq.
Atlanta, GA. 30303
Telephone: 404-730-1971
EFax: 404-224-1190

Toni Zimmerman
Director, Resource Sharing & Interlibrary Cooperation
Georgia Public Library Service
A Unit of the BOR Univ System of GA
1800 Century Place, Suite 150
Atlanta, GA 30345-4304

Monday, July 26, 2010

2010 GLA Award Winners Announced

The GLA Board has approved the recommendation of the 2010 GLA Awards Committee to present awards at the COMO XXII GLA Banquet in October as follows:

The Bob Richardson Memorial Award to Sarah Steiner, Georgia State University, Social Work & Assessment Librarian

The Charles Beard Library Advocacy Award to Dr. Melvin Steely, University of West Georgia, Georgia’s Political Heritage Program

Honorary GLA Membership to Callie McGinnis, retired from Columbus State University Libraries

The Library Support Services Award to Brad Baxter, UGA Libraries, Systems/GALILEO Support

The McJenkin-Rheay Award to Tessa Minchew, Georgia Perimeter College - Clarkston, Systems/Catalog Librarian

The Nora Symers Paraprofessional Award to Heidi Benford, Clayton State University, Acquisitions Assistant

Congratulations to these awardees!

Also, many thanks to those who took the time to nominate colleagues across Georgia. The Awards Committee had some tough decisions this summer, so if your nominee is not listed above, please consider a 2011 nomination.

Monday, July 19, 2010

No need to travel to a "Galaxy Far Away" to break astronomical use barriers! #ggconference

Committee Representative - Conference Musings - On behalf of large academic libraries - July 15, 2010 - Denita Hampton, Coordinator, Access & Media Services, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA

Wow! Has it really been 21 stellar years? That's an affirmative - Georgia library collaboration has come of age. GOLD began providing statewide electronic ILL in 1989, GIL brought universal borrowing to the USG libraries in 2005 and GALILEO (15) and PINES (10) are celebrating milestone birthdays!

Georgia academic libraries have endured a long, lean year of decreased budgets, staff downsizing and fewer resources. But that hasn't made us mean or a machine - times may be tough but through creative relationships with GALILEO, GIL, GOLD and PINES we still meet many of the diverse needs of our users. Collaborative sharing and sage use of technology helps us, in the words of John Lennon, “all shine on – like the moon, the stars and the sun!”

Our prime directive mandates that we provide borderless, transparent, unlimited and easy access to knowledge for our students, but attaining this goal or helping students be universally self sufficient in obtaining that may raise a few questions.

What new databases can we acquire?

The GOLD/GALILEO Conference this year will offer the annual training showcase, which this year will include white-hot sessions on “GALILEO for Library Websites” and “ProQuest 5000”!

How can academic libraries provide a better user experience?

Learn several ways to strengthen your library’s “Force” by attending our “When Generation Y asks ‘Y Not?’” session!

What’s free for my institution?

Attend the “Open Access and Scholarly Communications” session, and a galaxy of options will be illuminated!

Join in this spectacular celebration of collaboration by attending the 21st GOLD/GALILEO Users Group Conference on August 13 in Athens. The conference promises to shine brightly for academic libraries! Please visit our Web site for more information, including registration and session information.

You can also live up to your new sleek image by contributing material to the resource exchange. Click here to find out how.

Health and long life to you GOLD and GALILEO! -- Denita

Denita Hampton
Coordinator, Access & Media Services
Georgia State University Library

Toni Zimmerman
Director, Resource Sharing & Interlibrary Cooperation
Georgia Public Library Service
A Unit of the BOR Univ System of GA
1800 Century Place, Suite 150
Atlanta, GA 30345-4304

Friday, July 16, 2010

GOLD/GALILEO Conference delivers "Big Bang" of benefits for small academic libraries

Journal entry from a GOLD/GALILEO Users Group Advisory Committee Representative - Conference Musings - On behalf of small academic libraries - July 7, 2010 - Shaundra Walker, Head of Reference, Fort Valley State University, Fort Valley, GA

Does the thought of a new academic year make you a little nervous? Are you interested in providing better services to the students, faculty and staff on your campus? Is your professional development budget strapped? If you answered yes to any of these questions, consider the benefits of attending the 21st GOLD/GALILEO User’s Group Conference!

Scheduled for Friday, August 13 in Athens, the conference is now in its 21st year. I’ve been attending since 2002, and I have never been disappointed. Although the users of academic libraries have changed over those years (think Beloit College Mindset List! Compare the 2002 list to the 2010 list), the GOLD/GALILEO User’s Group Meeting has remained a shining star that has consistently evolved to meet the shifting needs of librarians and support staff members.

If you’ve never attended the conference, it’s a great place to learn about new ideas, as well as to see how other libraries have met the challenges that daily face us. In this time of shrinking budgets and increasing demands from our users, collaboration and learning among libraries have become increasingly important. For veteran attendees and first-timers alike, this meeting is a great place to learn and share — and a wonderful opportunity to network with colleagues from around the state.

Consider attending this "coming of age" party for Georgia library collaboration. It's the big 21 and we're always transitioning! Remember our inklings about the hidden web around 2002:

"The Semantic Web is not a separate Web but an extension of the current one, in which information is given well-defined meaning, better enabling computers and people to work in cooperation." -- Tim Berners-Lee (British Physicist of the World Wide Web (WWW). b.1955)

Register here and come be part of what's new!


Shaundra Walker
Head of Reference
H.A. Hunt Memorial Library
Fort Valley State University
1005 State University Drive
Fort Valley, GA 31030

Toni Zimmerman
Director, Resource Sharing & Interlibrary Cooperation
Georgia Public Library Service
A Unit of the BOR Univ System of GA
1800 Century Place, Suite 150
Atlanta, GA 30345-4304

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Annual GOLD/GALILEO Conference guaranteed to send special and K-12 librarians "over the moon"#ggconference

Journal entry from a GOLD/GALILEO Users Group Advisory Committee Representative - Conference Musings - On behalf of special libraries and K-12 - July 2, 2010 - Teresa Pacheco, Electronic Resources Librarian, Gainesville State College, Oakwood, GA

What do you do when your special or school library is asked to "deliver the moon"?

Special libraries face special challenges: How do we connect with other librarians around the state when we are finding it increasingly necessary to prove our own worth to the communities of users we serve? School libraries find themselves in the same circumstances as school systems around the state struggling with ways to make little ends meet. Budget cuts, layoffs and cancellations of resources make it ever more difficult to provide high-quality services to our patrons. But what if library collaboration is our chance to face up to hard economic times and face down "sun, moon and stars-type requests"? Shouldn't we seize that opportunity?

The GOLD/GALILEO users conference this year offers several sessions that will be particularly relevant to special and school librarians:

Tom Sanville, the Keynote Speaker, brings a special level of expertise to the meaning of collaboration. Not only was Tom the 2007 recipient of the Professional Achievement Award for the Association for Specialized and Cooperative Library Agencies, he has recently left the well-known consortium OhioLink to join LYRASIS as its director of licensing and strategic partnerships.

Breakout sessions this year include ways to maximize the readability of your Web site, how to find open (and free!) access to resources - and how to use them, a session on grant planning and dealing with free government publications. These are just a few highlights from what promises to be a rewarding, inexpensive, one-day conference full of workshops and many opportunities to meet and collaborate with your colleagues from around the state.

Don't miss this opportunity to participate in the 15th Birthday celebration of GALILEO, one of the FIRST online collaborative virtual libraries in the country.

Examine all the breakout sessions we have to offer!

See you at the meeting. Salute! -- Teresa

"If necessity is the mother of invention, it's the father of cooperation. And we're cooperating like never before." -- John Ashcroft

"If you want to be incrementally better: Be competitive. If you want to be exponentially better: Be cooperative." -- Unknown source

Teresa Pacheco, Assistant Professor
Electronic Resources Librarian
Gainesville State College/Library
Office 106
3820 Mundy Mill Road
Oakwood, GA 30566
678.717.3658 (ext. 3658)

Toni Zimmerman
Director, Resource Sharing & Interlibrary Cooperation
Georgia Public Library Service
A Unit of the BOR Univ System of GA
1800 Century Place, Suite 150
Atlanta, GA 30345-4304
P (404) 235.7129
F(404) 235.7201

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Academic Library Division Nominees for 2011 Officers

The biographical summaries of the candidates for office for the Academic Library Division are now available. Ballots will be mailed and should arrive in early August.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Georgia Library Spotlight: Reese Library, Augusta State University

[Note: This is an archived post. This spotlight has been removed to make way for the latest spotlight.]

The July Georgia Library Spotlight has been posted: Reese Library at Augusta State University. Read more about Reese on the GLA homepage, then submit your library to be featured!

Friday, July 9, 2010

50 Words or Less That Describe The GOLD GALILEO Conference - Each One Can Take You Home With A Click!

The 2010 GOLD GALILEO Conference in 50 words or LESS

"Click" on each subject and go straight to the HOME page of our conference portal.

Please remember:

Lodging for night before
Block of Rooms at special rates (ranging from $89-$109 plus 7% tax) available for conference attendees at connecting Georgia Center hotel until JULY 13, 2010.

Conference registration rates
$30 if attendees register by Monday, August 2, 2010. After August 2, cost will be $35

"Prost" on our 21st! -- Toni Z.

Toni Zimmerman
Director, Resource Sharing & Interlibrary Cooperation
Georgia Public Library Service
A Unit of the BOR Univ System of GA
1800 Century Place, Suite 150
Atlanta, GA 30345-4304

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

GOLD/GALILEO collaboration comes of age Aug. 13

GPLS News, June 2010

Hand in hand with their observance of milestone birthdays for PINES and GALILEO in 2010, Georgia librarians will soon celebrate another coming of age when the GOLD/GALILEO Users Group Conference turns 21 this summer.

"The number 21 symbolizes progression, growth, maturity, legitimacy and civic involvement," said Toni Zimmerman, director of Resource Sharing and Interlibrary Cooperation for GPLS. "Our 21st birthday and the theme ‘collaboration comes of age' will be cause for both celebration of and respect for all that Georgia's libraries have accomplished through creative collaborations. Adding to the celestial pathos of this year's theme is the 400th anniversary of Galileo Galilei's Starry Messenger, a published work that changed our view of the solar system and our place in it. Surely that's a clear omen that the continued partnership of the GOLD and GALILEO communities will bring a zenith of educational and economic opportunities to Georgia's citizenry."

The annual conference will take place this year on Aug. 13 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education Conference Center and Hotel in Athens. The event draws librarians, paraprofessionals and technical staff from academic libraries, public libraries, schools and special libraries throughout Georgia and the Southeast. Its goal is to provide a forum for continuing education and professional development related to the use of Georgia's interlibrary lending and resource sharing network, GOLD, and the statewide virtual library, GALILEO.

Each year, the conference showcases new collaborative trends in library resources and highlights current partnerships. Along with a spotlight session about GALILEO's first 15 years, "Collaboration Comes of Age" will include two sets of concurrent programs and updated versions of the popular training showcase. Sessions will feature presentations that demonstrate how dynamic Georgia libraries are using creative collaborations, emerging technologies and highly adaptive communication styles, tools and trends to meet the multifaceted needs of information seekers.

This year's keynote speaker will be Tom Sanville, longtime head of the pioneering consortium OhioLINK who joined LYRASIS in April as its new director of licensing and strategic partnerships. "Tom will explain why ‘coming of age' does not simply mean reaching a plateau of effectiveness or benchmarking efficiency," Zimmerman said. "He plans to show us how consortium-based activity must be exploited to its fullest extent to leverage our limited economic resources and make librarians the future's most relevant information providers!"

This conference is made possible by a grant from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services to GPLS under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act. Links to registration materials and hotel information will be available later this month at