Friday, September 25, 2015

Ephesus Public Library in the Spotlight!

Let it never be said that a small library can't be mighty. This month, GLA's Library Spotlight is focused on the Ephesus Public Library in Ephesus, GA (a member of the West Georgia Regional Library). The library building was completed in April 2009, and it has been providing excellent library services to the citizens of Ephesus and Heard County for the last six years.

The 6,100 square foot building features an open, airy design that leads to easy sightlines throughout the space. A large and open workroom and cork floors in the circulation area are comfortable for staff and help streamline the processes that make this such a well-run building. However, just because the building is new, it doesn't mean that the staff is averse to changing it up to meet a new need. The three-strong team at Ephesus, led by branch manager Donna Alvis, has recently changed up the space to create new reading areas for children, teens, and adults.

"Our library fits into the Ephesus community in ways we never would have expected," says Donna. "The library seems to be the hub of the neighborhood! We do things to give back to our community and, in turn, they support us as well. The Mayor and the City Council are happy about the library, and support us any way they can. We have really good turnouts for events such as bake sales, Super Saturday Summer Reading kickoffs, and our programs throughout the year. We have booths at the Back to School Bash and the Trunk or Treat, advertise for local businesses on our message board, and have displays in our lobby that many come in to look at, even those who aren't normally patrons of the library. This is an underserved community, and I love that the library can give them access to things they might not ordinarily have, such as books, movies, and computer use, and giveaways for the children whenever we have programs.

When asked about her plans for the future, Donna said, "Our plans for the upcoming year are to just try to be better at what we're already doing, and adding to it month by month. We have special programs planned for the Pre-K and Kindergarten students during November and December, the Artists with Disabilities Art Exhibit coming up in February, a pottery class, learning events for children, some guest authors and speakers, and so much more! Always something surprising at Ephesus!"

The Ephesus Public Library is a perfect example of why every community deserves a library and the services it offers right on their city's doorstep.

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