Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Writing an Academic Paper using Library Issues

By Rebecca Rose, Research Papers Committee Chair

Who can do it?  If you have any interest in anything related to libraries you can write and submit a research paper.  Writers may be librarians, paraprofessional staff, faculty, students….

What is it? Writing a research paper about libraries uses the same process as writing any other scholarly article. You tackle a problem or issue. Once an issue is identified, read scholarly articles by others who have written about this issue. Create a hypothesis. Use a study or some way to gather data that will test your hypothesis. Examine the gathered data and analyze its implications to generate additional understanding about this issue.  State your conclusion.

Where is it? Papers submitted for the Georgia Library Association’s Academic Library Division call for research papers will be read at the next COMO conference in Athens, GA.  Additionally, submitted papers may be invited for publication in the Georgia Library Quarterly, a peer reviewed journal. Furthermore, academic papers using library topics may be published in any scholarly journal, and are not limited to publications devoted to libraries.

Why do it? Writing an academic paper benefits everyone in that it expands our understanding of our workplace and profession.  Listing published documents demonstrates an added level of professionalism on anyone’s vita or resume. While writing can be challenging, completing an article is rewarding, and publishing a piece is exciting.

Interested in doing it? The deadline for submitting a proposal for this year’s research paper for COMO is April 1, 2015.

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