Monday, July 19, 2010

No need to travel to a "Galaxy Far Away" to break astronomical use barriers! #ggconference

Committee Representative - Conference Musings - On behalf of large academic libraries - July 15, 2010 - Denita Hampton, Coordinator, Access & Media Services, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA

Wow! Has it really been 21 stellar years? That's an affirmative - Georgia library collaboration has come of age. GOLD began providing statewide electronic ILL in 1989, GIL brought universal borrowing to the USG libraries in 2005 and GALILEO (15) and PINES (10) are celebrating milestone birthdays!

Georgia academic libraries have endured a long, lean year of decreased budgets, staff downsizing and fewer resources. But that hasn't made us mean or a machine - times may be tough but through creative relationships with GALILEO, GIL, GOLD and PINES we still meet many of the diverse needs of our users. Collaborative sharing and sage use of technology helps us, in the words of John Lennon, “all shine on – like the moon, the stars and the sun!”

Our prime directive mandates that we provide borderless, transparent, unlimited and easy access to knowledge for our students, but attaining this goal or helping students be universally self sufficient in obtaining that may raise a few questions.

What new databases can we acquire?

The GOLD/GALILEO Conference this year will offer the annual training showcase, which this year will include white-hot sessions on “GALILEO for Library Websites” and “ProQuest 5000”!

How can academic libraries provide a better user experience?

Learn several ways to strengthen your library’s “Force” by attending our “When Generation Y asks ‘Y Not?’” session!

What’s free for my institution?

Attend the “Open Access and Scholarly Communications” session, and a galaxy of options will be illuminated!

Join in this spectacular celebration of collaboration by attending the 21st GOLD/GALILEO Users Group Conference on August 13 in Athens. The conference promises to shine brightly for academic libraries! Please visit our Web site for more information, including registration and session information.

You can also live up to your new sleek image by contributing material to the resource exchange. Click here to find out how.

Health and long life to you GOLD and GALILEO! -- Denita

Denita Hampton
Coordinator, Access & Media Services
Georgia State University Library

Toni Zimmerman
Director, Resource Sharing & Interlibrary Cooperation
Georgia Public Library Service
A Unit of the BOR Univ System of GA
1800 Century Place, Suite 150
Atlanta, GA 30345-4304


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