Friday, May 5, 2017

Augusta University Libraries in the Spotlight

The University Libraries of Augusta University are comprised of Reese Library, which serves mainly undergraduates as well as graduates in education, business, public administration, and psychology, and Robert B. Greenblatt, MD Library, which serves the health sciences professional schools (e.g., medicine, dentistry, nursing, allied health sciences). Augusta University is a consolidation of Augusta State University (now the Summerville campus) and Georgia Health Sciences University (now the Health Sciences campus), approved in January 2013. The university is one of four state public comprehensive research universities. Greenblatt Library is the only public health sciences library in Georgia. The AU/UGA Partnership campus, located in Athens, is served by a Medical Partnership Campus Librarian, who reports to Greenblatt Library.

In the fall of 2016 Reese Library, in cooperation with the University’s Information Technology division and Office of Faculty and Academic Affairs, opened a new, state-of-the-art technology collaboration space for students. The new space is located on its 2nd floor in the area previously housing a portion of the print government information collection. This space offers multiple technology enabled group collaboration spaces and a number of individual work areas where students can access more than 50 Mac and Windows computers as well as use their own devices. An IT support desk, staffed by students, handles multimedia and application support for student projects. New furniture was added to further set this area apart.

Both libraries offer a variety of services including having librarians embedded into the university colleges to provide point-of-need research assistance for faculty and students. Greenblatt Library also offers a satellite site on the second floor of the J. Harold Harrison Education Commons building, an area heavily used by professional students. Reese Library offers embedded hours in the new Academic Success Center. The library instruction program serves students and faculty in a wide range of disciplines. The Clinical Information Librarian rounds with pediatrics and family medicine departments to provide clinical information to assist with patient care at the point of need and customized consultations for research and teaching information needs.

Both libraries have unique collections including rare books, portraits, personal manuscript collections, and institutional publications and documents. Greenblatt Library has William Hunter’s Gravid Uterus, published in 1774 and including a dedication page to King George III. William Hunter, a famous anatomist, surgeon, and obstetrician in 18th century Great Britain and author of numerous articles on anatomy, surgery, and midwifery, served as the physician to Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III. Reese Library acquired the Pilgrim Health and Life Insurance Company Papers (1898-1989), a major African American business with a home office in Augusta, operating in several southern states.

Greenblatt Library hosts the National Library of Medicine-funded Georgia Biomedical Informatics Course. Held at Brasstown Valley twice a year, this course provides participants with a week-long immersive experience in biomedical informatics as well as continuing education for health care professionals interested in the application of computer technologies to medicine. Nationally known bioinformatics educators and thought leaders serve as the faculty.

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