Tuesday, May 26, 2015

New to GLA: Informal Meetups in YOUR Area!

Are you interested in meeting new people in the library profession?
Do you want to see more GLA events in your city?
Do you enjoy discussing the finer points of library work over coffee?

If you answered yes to these questions, please consider coordinating an informal meetup in your area. In an effort to expand the impact of GLA throughout all of Georgia, the Membership Committee is asking for volunteers to organize casual meetup groups across the state. Participants can mix and mingle, talk about specific topics of interest, and enjoy getting to know other GLA members in their local area. As a volunteer meetup coordinator, you can make this happen!

Volunteers will organize the place and time for the meetup, along with any specific topics to be discussed (optional). They'll also send out information about the meetup to the GLA Listserv and coordinate any necessary reservations and accommodations for the group at the meetup location.

Please contact Karen Manning, Membership Committee Chair, at karen17@gatech.edu if you're interested in organizing an event.

This is an easy way to get involved with GLA and make an impact by connecting library professionals - and have fun while doing it. Let's spread the GLA love!

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