Friday, March 13, 2015

American InterContinental University Library in the Spotlight!

The Library at American InterContinental University (AIU) – Atlanta is the hot spot on campus for general computing and printing, as well as online research and circulation. Recent renovations on campus included moving the Learning Center into a classroom in the Library’s space, making it easier for students to obtain academic support services in a single physical location.

Because degrees at AIU are career-focused, several highlights of our collection are particular to individual academic programs. For example, our fashion forecasting materials are in high demand as fashion students do marketing research, and work on their portfolios. These trend books (from New York, Paris, and Milan) give students a sense of what color palettes, themes, and fabrics will be walking the runway 18-24 months from now.

Films are another significant aspect of our collection. This includes general new releases (popular with all students), but also classic and foreign films more specifically directed towards our Media Production students. One job of a media student is to watch as many different films as possible, and the Library facilitates this through our popular DVD collection, as well as with documentaries and instructional videos.

The Library is also a hub for events around campus. Recent events in honor of Black History Month included a giant, themed crossword puzzle in the campus lobby, a Black History film series, and a round table discussion on Black History Month’s relevance. Events are intended to both highlight and promote parts of the collection, to create dialogue on campus, and to contribute to overall student satisfaction.

Following the screening of More Than a Month, a documentary that explores the idea of doing away with Black History Month in favor of teaching Black history as integrated history year-round, the Library is creating an initiative called Black History 365. This program will highlight an event, accomplishment, or person related to Black history every day on campus, in addition to periodic special events.

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