Tuesday, December 30, 2014

GLA Committees and Interest Groups in the Spotlight!

Join us at GLA Midwinter, select a committee or interest group to participate, and you can make a difference in the future of Georgia librarianship!

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Interested in recruiting new GLA members? The Membership Committee's purpose is to suggest and foster plans designed to solicit new memberships and encourage renewal of memberships of all librarians, active and retired; paraprofessionals; library/media graduate students; and library trustees, friends, and advocates. The committee welcomes members from various types of libraries across the state!

Are you interested in citizenship and governance?  Do you think it's important to keep information about our government and the information it provides freely available to the public?  Come join the GLA Government Information Interest Group!  You don't have to be a documents librarian to join, just someone interested in providing and using government information. This GLA interest group is committed to promoting accessibility and use of federal, state, local, and international government information. We're actively seeking new members, and you'll get the chance to meet and work with others in the library field who care about keeping these vitally important information sources available for all. Each autumn GIIG sponsors a program about government information at the annual COMO meeting, so keep in mind this opportunity for presenting your own research and/or experience using government materials.

The Technical Services Interest Group is about cataloging, acquisitions, e-resources, and more! Catch up with the latest trends and current issues in acquisitions, cataloging, classification, electronic resources management, library systems, and serials. Come and see what Technical Services can do for you – and your library! Visit us on the web, Facebook, Pinterest and Slideshare.

Interested in marketing, social media, outreach, or good old fashioned email blasts? The GLA Public Relations Committee helps to guide and distribute GLA communications and promotes support of libraries in Georgia. Join our committee and help with publicizing events, recruiting support for libraries and member organizations, and spreading general good cheer. All volunteers welcome; social media mavens especially needed.  Indicate your choice on your form for the GLA Midwinter Planning meeting - even if you can't come, let us know you'd like to help!

The GLA Scholarship Committee molds the future of library leadership by providing financial assistance to those still in school. We are looking for members throughout the state from a wide variety of backgrounds to help with this project. We have two subcommittees: our annual scholarship raffle and our award selection committee. Over the next year, we hope to unveil a new digital scholarship application form and expand our scholarship raffle to further endow these vital awards. Every year, the GLA scholarships receive more enthusiasm and support from our membership. Come be a part of this fantastic committee!

This will be a revitalizing and exciting year for the Reference Services Interest Group as we expand our charter and goals to become the Reference and Instructional Interest Group. Recognizing the increasing overlap between these two services and the desire of librarians to collaborate with their instructional needs, we will be redefining our charge, scope, and services. The feedback and insights of all Georgia Librarians will be invaluable during this process.

 The Awards Committee recognizes the best in Georgia Libraries and GLA. Great things happen everyday and too many have gone undistinguished for too long. From rooting out hidden gems to highlighting community members who support their library, members of this committee get the pleasure and satisfaction of giving back a little to those who have contributed much.

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