Thursday, June 19, 2014

Free Webinar: Net Neutrality: Recent Changes in Legislation - July 30, 2014

Net Neutrality: Recent Changes in Legislation
Wednesday, July 30, 2014 -- 1:00pm - 2:00pm Eastern Time

"There is one Internet. It must be fast, robust and it must be open. The prospect of a gate keeper choosing winners and losers on the Internet is unacceptable...." – FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler

The above quote addresses what, until now, has been a given - that with an Internet connection, anyone has access to all information available via an Internet Service Provider. That changed in January 2014 when a major court decision stripped the FCC of its power to enforce network neutrality protections, providing an opening for telecom companies to begin exploiting technologies by monitoring and controlling data sent via their networks.

In this webinar co-coordinated with the GLA Governmental Relations Committee, Emily Almond, Director of Information Technology for the Georgia Public Library Service, will explore the implications of the current state of net neutrality, including taking a look at the following questions:
  • Should libraries be concerned and why?
  • What actions are recommended by ALA and other libraries?
  • How do librarians take action on issues like this?  What is appropriate?
  • Is there anything specific to Georgia that we should be concerned about?
No one knows if these changes are a cause for alarm or if we're just being alarmist, but it can't hurt to stay informed and to be on the lookout for changes to come. This is intended to be a discussion, not a lecture, so bring your expertise and questions!

Emily Almond has been a librarian in the Atlanta area for 17 years. Her specialties include library systems, open-source software development, strategy development, web usability and broadband networks for libraries. She has been a librarian at CNN, Emory University, and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and she is currently the Director of IT for the Georgia Public Library Service.

Can't make it to the live show? That's okay. The session will be recorded and available on the Carterette Series Webinars site for later viewing.

To register for the online event

1. Go to registration page:
2. Complete and submit the form.
3. A URL for the event will be emailed to you immediately after registration

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