Monday, February 10, 2014

GLA Library Legislative Day 2014

The General Assembly is operating at lightning speed so far this year. After consulting with several past and present GLA officers, it was deemed unfeasible for GLA to assemble a group to meet in person with our Georgia legislators this year. Julie Walker is chair of the GLA Governmental Relations Committee and has had lots of experience working with the General Assembly members in various venues.  For this year we ask you to contact your state senators and representatives individually. Julie will then work during this year with the rest of the Governmental Relations Committee to get a jump-start on planning for GLA Library Legislative Day 2015.

So...for 2014, we would like for GLA members to ask the Georgia General Assembly for a little Valentine's love for libraries.  On February 13, 2014, we encourage every member of GLA to contact your state representatives and senators - via telephone, email or U. S. Mail - to bring libraries to their attention, and to encourage support for library programs and services.   

Here are some documents to help you:
  • A letter you can use as a model if you wish.

AND:  In case you have either forgotten your district(s), or have been subject to redistricting, here is a link to the Secretary of State's Office "My voter page."
By inserting your own information, you can see a copy of your own voter registration card, with your districts listed on the lower right hand side to match to your legislator's address.

THANK YOU, everyone, for taking a few moments to communicate the importance of our libraries to Georgia on February 13!

Susan Morris, GLA President 2014
Julie Walker, Governmental Relations Committee Chair


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