Friday, July 26, 2013

Paine College Collins-Callaway Library in the Spotlight!

The Family Room, located on the library’s first floor, was created in order to address the diverse student population at Paine College.  One of our current and growing populations is the student with a family including small children.   This room is the library’s way of partnering with these students by providing a safe and happy environment for both parent and child to thrive educationally. 

Although, the Family room is used to allow students with children to work in a quiet library environment, it is also used to further the educational pursuits of Paine College students both current and future.  The books and technology in the family room are geared toward educational purposes.  The comfortable environment is inviting thus encouraging both student and child to return. 

The software and games highlighted on the computers enhance basic motor skills and encourage early information literacy skills.  By exposing students to these skills early, provides the future college student with a leg up on the competition.  The friendly and helpful attitudes of the library staff and other patrons make this room the must be place for the family. 

The library has seen an increase in students bringing their children into the library.  With donations from patrons and the Paine College community through the official naming of this Family Room, we will be able to provide the enhancements for sound and educational purchases for both parent and child. 

If you'd like to learn more about our Family Room policies, how to dedicate the room, or contribute to the Family Room, please contact the Paine College Library at 706-821-8361, or visit during operating hours.

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