Friday, February 8, 2013

East Georgia State College Library in the Spotlight!

The East Georgia State College Library recently had a re-opening in August of 2012 and is now a part of the new Learning Commons. The Learning Commons includes the EGSC Library, the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE), the Academic Advising Center, and the Common Grounds Cafe.  All of these institutions work together to offer instructional and learning support services to EGSC students, striving to foster academic excellence and student success. The new Learning Commons environment provides open lines of communication between students and learning support professionals, allowing them to receive all forms of tutoring and research services in one place.

The EGSC Library collection includes over 72,000 items, 32,000 of which are e-books which students can access electronically either on computers at the college or remotely. Free wireless is located throughout the building and two computer labs are located in the EGSC Learning Commons for printing and scanning needs. The EGSC Library also includes both quiet and group study areas with comfortable seating, with four group study rooms as well as two classroom spaces that can be used for collaborative study as well as project work located in the library facility. Students utilize these spaces in a variety of ways, from formal study groups to club meetings. The EGSC Learning Commons has become the destination for students when they are not in classes.

The EGSC Library is also home to two special collections: the Heritage Center and the Ehrlich Military History Collection.  The Heritage Center at East Georgia State College houses print items, images, manuscripts, maps, artifacts, microforms, and digital and audio-visual materials, most items of which relate to the college, local history, regional and state history, and genealogy. As such the collection includes many items that are unique, historical, rare, and/or irreplaceable, most of which have been donated to the college. The Ehrlich Military History Collection began as the donation of the personal collection of military history books and media items of Mr. Benjamin Ehrlich to the East Georgia State College Library and has grown to include books about all types of military history. The East Georgia State College Library counts itself fortunate to have such unique special collections and generous donors.

East Georgia State College faculty, staff and students have shown tremendous support for the new Learning Commons and the EGSC Library, and the EGSC Library staff pride ourselves on offering high-quality services in return.

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