Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Georgia Library Quarterly Goes Digital!

Open letter to the GLA membership regarding the digital transition of GLQ

With the issue currently in layout, volume 48, issue 2, Spring 2011 issue, the Georgia Library Quarterly will move entirely to digital publication. The change will allow the editorial board to use peer-review – for authors who elect to participate – and encourage them to do so since back issues will be open-source; allow issues of any size rather than being limited to certain numbers of pages; and, provide for faster publication and distribution. A paper copy of the journal will be made available to any GLA member who does not have an email address, through the end of volume 48.

Registration will be required to view the most recent issue of the journal, at least through the end of volume 48. To register, a GLA member must have an email address linked to their GLA information provided to Administrative Services.

To reach the new digital site, go to

To update your GLA information to include an email address, contact: Administrative Services Coordinator, Georgia Library Association, P.O. Box 793, Rex, Ga., 30273-0793.

Contact Jeff Heck, Interim Editor,, with questions.

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