Friday, October 24, 2014

CURVE: Collaborative University Research & Visualization Environment in the Spotlight!

On September 10th, 2014, Georgia State University Library celebrated the grand opening of a new data visualization and digital research space, CURVE: Collaborative University Research & Visualization Environment. CURVE is a technology-rich discovery space supporting the research and digital scholarship of Georgia State University students, faculty, and staff. Located at the heart of the Georgia State campus within the University Library, CURVE's mission is to enhance research and visualizations by providing technology and services that promote interdisciplinary engagement, collaborative investigation, and innovative inquiry.
CURVE's centerpiece technology, the interactWall, is a touch enabled, 24-foot-wide video wall designed for collaborative visual and data-rich research projects. Seven additional collaborative workstations, including an advanced 4K workstation, feature high-powered PCs and Mac Pros that allow users to work with and manipulate large images and datasets. Each workstation is equipped with a large display that can accommodate up to six people, allowing multiple groups to work together on a research problem.
As a digital research space, CURVE provides Georgia State University users with access to a large variety of software applications such as ArcGIS, Tableau, NVivo, and the full Adobe suite. Each PC and Mac Pro is equipped with multiple processers and large amounts of RAM, which helps our students, faculty, and staff to easily work with large amounts of data and process complex models.
Although equipped with state of the art technology and high-end computers, CURVE's technology, including the large interactWall, are intuitive, easy-to-use, and accessible. Users who need help with CURVE's amazing technology will find a team of knowledgeable staff that includes librarians, library staff, honors undergraduate students and graduate students. In addition to helpful staff, CURVE offers many workshops on data resources. Finally, as we know that our students have busy schedules, the space is open evenings and on Sundays.
CURVE is an exciting new endeavor that facilitates knowledge creation and transfer by connecting people, technology, data, and the latest display technologies in a shared collaborative space. To learn more, visit CURVE website at

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