Thursday, October 18, 2012

Georgia Archives Gets a Temporary Reprieve

Not enough details in this article to let loose with any sort of victory cry, but it's definitely good news! Looks like some funding will be restored to the Georgia Archives. Enough to keep it open at its current public access hours through the rest of FY 2012. At the beginning of the new fiscal year, subject to legislative approval, the Archives will be transferred to the University System of Georgia.

Before we breathe a sigh of relief, let's remember that access hours have been repeatedly slashed over the years and the Archives is currently down to being open to the public just two days a week, Friday and Saturday. Being under the umbrella of the USG will, no doubt, be a safer home for the Archives than the Secretary of State's office has proved to be. However, the best of all possible worlds for the Archives would be if it were made an independent, and apolitical, state agency in its own right. 

Let's keep our game faces on, and keep an eye out for ways to help Our Archives, folks! While safe for now, it is still underfunded, understaffed, and in need of our vigilance and support.

Speaking of staffing, let's also take a moment to give a shout out to the brave and true Georgia Archives employees who have been doing such a fine job, in the face of budget adversity, for so many years. You go, Georgia Archives staff! The people of the state (past, present, and future) appreciate all of your hard work!

 Deal, Kemp to Keep Georgia’s Archives Open (Office of the Governor)

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